Speaking Topics

Time Out!: Calendar Makeover

Twenty-four hours in a day is never enough. Yet it’s all we’re given, so there must be a way. In this workshop Lara coaches moms through a daily planner overhaul that helps them create a plan for moving toward having a schedule that fits their family best. Learn how to better:

- evaluate activities based on life priorities
- simplify household management plans
- shed commitments that no longer fit or fulfill
- find time for things you enjoy


Cultivating Contentment: Learning to Love the Life You Already Have

(one to five presentations for single events, retreats and teaching series)

Do you find yourself sometimes wishing things were different - your body, your house, your life? Do you feel guilty for thinking this way? Perhaps you wonder how some people seem so happy or at least at peace with their lives. "Cultivating Contentment: Loving the Life You Already Have" tackles the areas of life that women most frequently struggle with finding contentment. In this talk Lara looks at:

- Why we struggle in these areas
- What the Bible has to say about our struggles with dissatisfaction
- Practical ways to increase contentment
- Spiritual connections and benefits from cultivating contentment

After hearing this talk (or series) you'll be inspired to work toward experiencing the feeling that "Godliness with contentment is great gain."


Living a Life of Balance

School events, church commitments, family gatherings. You wonder if you should list your license plate as a forwarding address. Life can seem out of control sometimes, but there is a way to get back into the driver’s seat (or out of the driver’s seat and back into your home). In this talk Lara suggests keys to taking back control of more than just your family calendar. “Living a Life of Balance” will bring you encouragement that balance in any stage of life is not only possible, it’s preferable.


Hospitality That Pampers

Did you ever stop to think just how much a small, thoughtful gesture could mean? Sometimes it only takes a simple gift or word to brighten another’s day. Yet we often miss these opportunities in the rush of everyday life. In this talk, Lara shares how taking time to do the “little things” can create a big impact. As Lara shares the “God stories” from experiences in her life, you’ll learn:

- Practical ideas to bump your hospitality and gift-giving to a “pampering” status
- Things you can do now to be prepared for the pamering opportunities when they arise
- How even the small stuff matters to God


Affordable Gifts for the Giver in Your Life

Lara gives examples of fun and inexpensive gifts for the teachers, hairdressers and postmen in your life. Brainstorming sessions will help you plan ahead to maximize your budget and make sure that no one is left unappreciated. You will walk away with a new perspective on how to:

- Maximize your time and minimize your expense in preparing gifts
- Shift your approach to gift giving to make it better for everyone involved
- Use gifts as a tool for encouragement of others
- Enjoy gathering and giving gifts, rather than dreading it


Booking Info:

As a speaker, Lara brings together the inspirational and the practical to help moms place their values front and center in different areas of life. Whether you are hosting a Christmas tea, planning a Bible study series, or organizing a ladies’ retreat, you’ll find that I have a topic to inspire every woman at your event.



“A pertinent series loaded with practical input, scriptural principles, lively discussion and even take-home devotional booklets. Lara’s speaking style and content connected with women in their 30’s as well as women into their 70’s.”

~ Barbara Roches, LaGrange Bible Church


“Our MOPS group truly enjoyed Lara’s talk. As busy moms we all want to be able to give back and bless others without adding stress to an already stressful day. Pampering is definitely a God given talent and Lara will help teach that blessing to others with ideas that are inspirational, practical and fun!”

~ Cheryl Podkul, Parkview Christian Church MOPS

"Lara spoke on "Hospitality that Pampers" at the final brunch for our Tuesday morning women's Bible study and Mom to Mom group. It was such a treat to hear her emphasize how God can use our various gifts to bless others in little ways. She encouraged us to truly listen to people and remember details about them so we can encourage them with meaningful gifts and actions. We enjoyed her examples and special ideas that weren't over the top, but something everyone could do. I highly recommend her as a speaker and will ask her to come to our group again!"

~ Cindy Heslinga, First Baptist Church, Wheaton, IL